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Runi Johannesen

Certified Sommelier

Perhaps you know you like red or white wine, but you’re not sure why or which kinds.  Maybe you have read wine descriptions mentioning peaches, vanilla, or other flavors and want to understand how those flavors can exist in something made only from grapes.  Or maybe you have heard that wine can make a meal taste much better or much worse, and you’d like to learn how to pick a glass off a restaurant menu or a bottle off the shelf with confidence.

If you didn’t grow up surrounded by wine enthusiasts, or even if you did, the wine world can be confusing.  But anyone with any background can learn to pick and pair wines, and not necessarily expensive ones, that will enhance their meals and their lives.

Through a variety of private tasting classes and educational materials, The Wine Snitch opens the door to a whole new level of wine understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation.

The Wine Snitch founder and owner Runi Johannesen grew up in the North Atlantic, far from any vineyards or wine culture.  But while studying to become an Educated Waiter in Copenhagen, he discovered both an aptitude for and a love of wine tasting and pairing.

Since moving to the United States, Runi has passed exams to become a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, and set out on a mission to educate the public.  He believes that learning how to better identify and pick out the complex scents and flavors in wine can help anyone from the complete novice to the enthusiast bring more joy and harmony to their meals.

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Great teacher!!!!

Great teacher!!!!

Helped me develop my pallet for wine and how to pair it with food!!!!

Scout Hughes
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