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Written by: The Wine Snitch

Bordeaux is one of the most awesome wine production Area in the World, here it really is a lot to explore, and some amazing wines to find, for a reasonable price, and here we talk about the Regional wines and The Communal wines of the area, but it is, of course, some good upper-class wines to find here, and here I'm thinking The 5 Grand Cru Classé, that can be out of this world expensive, but if you really explore for some good wines for the buck, you will find them, then there is a category a little lower down, it´s called the Cru Bourgoies Classé, where you really can find great wines, for an absolutely reasonable price, so it´s all about being on the watch out, and who knows, you could get lucky, well folks, that's it for now, I will be ready with some new info very soon.

Until then, take care everyone.

The Wine Snitch.

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