Educational and Decorative Poster: Aromas Found in Wine #1 2018 White Wines

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The complex aromas that form when grapes ferment into wine can mimic many other fruits, herbs, spices, etc. For casual wine drinkers, wine enthusiasts, and students of wine alike, diving into this world of aromas may seem daunting. Add to this the huge difference between the smell of an under ripe cherry and a dried one, and learning these aromas can get confusing.

This first-of-its-kind series of posters by The Wine Snitch, a Certified Sommelier,this poster illustrates two wine grapes that exhibit the aroma of each fruit, berry etc, at five different stages of ripeness. A new poster will be published each month: purchase one, or collect the whole series and begin exploring this fascinating aromatic world (if you´re of age, of course)! Also an excellent gift for any wine enthusiast or student.

Posters are 18″ by 24″ and will be shipped in a tube; frame not included.


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