The Wine School

We have organized this FREE Wine School into Six (6) Separate areas of Study.

Who is The Wine Snitch

The Wine Snitch founder and owner Runi Johannesen grew up in the North Atlantic, far from any vineyards or wine culture. But while studying to become an Educated Waiter in Copenhagen, he discovered both an aptitude for and a love of wine tasting and pairing.

Since moving to the United States, Runi has passed exams to become a Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, and set out on a mission to educate the public. He believes that learning how to better identify and pick out the complex scents and flavors in wine can help anyone from the complete novice to the enthusiast bring more joy and harmony to their meals.

Expression/Ripeness levels of Wine

Explanation on wines and their different maturing stages, as they develop from fresh and fruity, to more maturity as time goes by,  wine changes, and do express a lot of different Aromas+Flavors etc, so this poster can be used as a guide for all kinds of Red & White Wines.

Food & Beverage of the World

Explanations of Classic Food Dishes, and the Ingredients, also how Beverages are made, from Wine, Beer to Spirits etc.

Grapes of the World

Explanations on where Grapes are grown, what Wine they represent, and where you can find the Classic ones, and less Known ones too.

Service & Drinks

Explanations on how to serve at table side, Drinks, Food etc, and some Classic Drinks, that are well known in Hotels and Restaurants.

Wine Areas of the World

Explanations on where these Classic Areas are to be found, and what is the Specialty of these Country´s and Site´s.

Wines Producers of the World

Explanations on where these Classic Producers, and other Producers, are located in the World, and what is special about them.

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